Advocacy Priorities 2017

Business transparency on human trafficking

Corporations must be held accountable for any forced or child labor in their supply and distribution chains. Businesses should be required to publicly disclose their efforts to eliminate human trafficking and child labor in their business operations, including hiring practices and supply chains.

Empower survivors

Persons who have been trafficked should have the opportunity to provide advice and recommendations to legislators and policy makers in order to improve U.S. policy and programming efforts. The advice of survivors coupled with that of experts in the field will help to and ensure that policy and programing conform to best practices in the field of human trafficking prevention.

Empower girls and women

Encourage the Secretary of State and the Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development to promote programs that build the capacity of developing countries’ national and local legal and policy frameworks to prevent discrimination against girls and women, guarantee their access to quality engendered education, and secure their property, social security, land tenure, and inheritance rights.